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it ready to respond? One of the benefits of functional fitness is that it mimics what we do closely enough that it readily translates. And there are a variety of functional simu- lation tools designed to take the place of that dirty gear. There are sandbags to repli- cate weight and training regulators to simu- late the SCBA breathing sensation. Use old hoses for dragging or get a sledgehammer off the truck. Use what you can, when you can, and weigh the risk vs. reward. In sum As the timeless advice from Greek soldier Archilochus states, "We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training." You simply cannot expect to summon a level of fitness that you have never attained when you and your crew need it the most. n References 1. Brown J, Stickford J. "Physiological Stress Associated with Structural Fire- fighting Observed in Professional Firefight- ers." Firefighter Health & Safety Research & Department of Kinesiology of Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 2009. 2. Leatherman K. What is VO 2 max and why is it important to your total fitness? Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal. 2015. 3. Moore K. "Toward the Development of Screening Tests for Heart Attacks and Back Injuries in Firefighters: A Study to Investi- gate Back-Specific Fitness, Perceived Fit- ness and Aerobic Capacity in a Firefighter Population." Oregon State University, Cor- vallis, OR, 2012. 4. FSTAR Research Infographic, "Know Your METS." resource/?FstarId=11503 5. Eves ND, Petersen SR, Jones RL. The influence of the self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) on ventilator function and maximal exercise. Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology. 2005; 30:507-19. 6. Church, M. Mandating Fitness, How firefighter engagement and strong leader- ship ensure member buy in. Firefighting in Canada. 2016; 4:10-14. For More Safety & Health Request information at e-inquiry January 2017 l Firehouse l 59 ProQA ® Paramount structured calltaking means all the right information is gathered. That means faster, safer responders and safer communities. get the right information. to the right people– every call. at the right time. 800.363.9127 follow us on: Faster calltaking time means shorter time to dispatch.

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