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CHIEF CONCERNS zational goals and mission after all. As you evaluate that clickity- clack, it will not be unusual for the organization's 80 percent to drift up or down, merely a recognition of human nature and busi - ness continuity needs. 10/80/10 People Principle This rule recognizes that 80 percent of your people are the Manag- ers and Followers who are actually getting things done. About 10 percent of your people are your true Leaders, setting the vision, which the 80 percent are working toward, while the remaining 10 percent are your Slugs. Where each of these personal traits fit within the organizational principle depends on your conditions on the ground, but you likely know who your people are, and who's working to implement the organizational vision and who's working to derail your organizational progress. Once a person becomes a Leader within the organization, they typically remain a leader, although they can certainly drift between formal and informal status based upon elections, politics, new bosses and myriad other organizational stresses. The key is for those once-formal leaders to not become one of the 10 per- centers who can be dangerous to any organization. Rarely does a Leader experience an osmosis that recalculates their status to that of purely a Manager or Follower. When one of those Leaders finds themselves drifting into Slugdom, it's time to reassess your status with that organization. Managing in a 10/80/10 world So how do you lead that 10/80/10 organization to always focus on high performance? How do you become that leader who people need? I'll submit first and foremost that you have to recognize that it is not personal. Whatever your role or rank, IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU. We are about providing service, managing a dynamic ser- vice-business model, and adapting to the ever-changing condi- tions within our industry. This requires dynamic leadership and recognition that we are running a business, not merely providing a service. You don't have to be the latest and greatest (tell me who that is … TODAY?). It's sort of like the personal diet program we talked about in the September 2016 issue. There's no single diet that works for everyone; similarly, there's no single management or development model to help you become THAT leader. Like I said above, this isn't about you, even though most public safety leaders lean toward the Type A personality traits. To be suc- cessful, you MUST ultimately trust that your people know their job and understand the organizational vision. The key is indeed understanding the organizational mission. If your ONLY mission/ vision is "getting fire trucks and ambulances out the door," then that's what your 80 percent will understand and work toward. But aren't we doing MUCH more than just getting units out the door? Our dinosaurs need to face facts. If your ONLY mission/vision involves the physical movement of fire trucks and ambulances, you will eventually become extinct. Once you're sure you've articulated the mission and vision appropriately, make sure people understand the WHY. Understand- ing WHY is the first tangible step in others truly becoming part of the 80 percent and becoming both the formal and informal leaders who will help keep the organization on track. This is critical when Organized by Investigations Institute/Fire Seminar & Co-sponsored by International Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigation Training Program March 13-16, 2017 Hosted at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY We know our field is a serious one that can significantly impact people's lives and safety. That's why we take your training very seriously. With the new modular learningstyle, you will receive hands on demonstrations in six topics along with traditional classroom learning. This unique way of teaching will allow for greater in depth discussions, a more intimate learning environment and the ability to roll your sleeves up and get involved. Register online at For more information, National Association of Fire Investigators 857 Tallevast Rd., Sarasota, FL 34243 or call 941-355-9079 Request information at e-inquiry Request information at e-inquiry 54 l Firehouse l January 2017

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