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JR. BRIGADIER SZYMON KOKOT-GÓRA (Poland) has been a firefighter since 1999. He holds engineer's and master's degrees in fire safety and college diplomas in OHS and pedagogy. He is a founder of and Projekt LIDER, and is also a member of Shut Up And Train. Since September 2016, he has served as a Training Officer in CERN Fire Brigade (Switzerland/France). INTERNATIONAL INNOVATIONS Sometimes Less Means More A colleague from Sweden suggested conducting experiments on the use of high- pressure/low-flow water fog applied from the exterior, prior to entry. These discus- sions and his experience with this tactic formed the basis of these experiments. We decided to examine three high-pressure/ low-f low systems. (See Table 1: High- Pressure/Low-Flow Systems) After examining the three systems, we decided to focus our experiments on the Fognail using a high-pressure hose reel line, as this is a common option in most Euro- pean countries. The Fognail piercing nozzle is available in two models: 1) the Attack, which provides stream with a 30-degree cone angle, and approximately 30 feet of reach, as illustrated in Figure 1 and 2) the Reviewing high-pressure/low-flow water fog applied from the exterior, prior to entry By Szymon Kokot-Góra Figure 1: The Fognail piercing nozzle Attack model provides stream with a 30-degree cone angle and approximately 30 feet of reach. O lsztyn's Fire Training Centre has a leading role in Poland when it comes to stimulating discussion and examining "out-of-the-box" approaches to firefighting. Our philosophy is to foster learning. Table 1. 3 High-Pressure/Low-Flow Systems PUMP PRESSURE 40 bar 580 psi 150 bar 2,175 psi 250 bar 3,625 psi INTERNAL DIAMETER 19 mm 0.75 inch 9 mm 0.35 inch 8 mm 0.31 inch NAME High-Pressure Fognail RotFire D30 Oertzen HDL 250 HOSE LENGTH 60 m 197 ft 40 m 131 ft 60 m 197 ft FLOW RATE 80 lpm 21 gpm 32 lpm 8.5 gpm 23 lpm 6.1 gpm DISCHARGE PRESSURE 20 bar 20 bar 120 bar 1,740 psi 206 bar 2,990 psi 42 l Firehouse l January 2017

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