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By Ron Moore UNIVERSITY OF EXTRICATION Vehicle Stabilization Skills Update Basic Vehicle Stabilization Steps • Place wheel blocks on both sides of the drive wheel • Set up step chocks or cribbing along the undercarriage • Deflate the tires Subject: Skills Update—Vehicle Stabilization Topic: Tire Deflation Objective: Adapt and update the task of vehicle stabilization to address the presence of tire- pressure monitoring systems or run-flat tires. Task: The rescue team shall simulate tire-pressure monitoring systems and run-flat tires on a vehicle in a training setting and accomplish vehicle stabilization through tire deflation and/or a vehicle lift. F or a passenger vehicle resting on four inflated tires on a level surface with occupants injured and/or trapped inside, stabilization of that vehicle is typically accom- plished by using the "chock-bloc k-blow" tech- nique—placing wheel chocks on both sides of a drive wheel, setting step chocks or cribbing along the undercarriage, and then deflating the tires. This settles the weight of the vehicle onto the crib- bing beneath and makes for a more stable vehicle in which to perform medical and rescue tasks. This "Skills Update" article focuses on how these basic methods that we currently use for vehicle stabilization have to be altered or updated due to the new technology of tire-pressure moni - toring (TPM) systems as well as run-flat tires. A tire-pressure monitoring unit showing the metal valve stem and the pressure sensor/transmitter unit attached to the base of the stem. Photos by Ron Moore Connect with Ron RON MOORE, a Firehouse ® contributing editor, retired as a division chief with the McKinney, TX, Fire Department and now serves with Prosper, TX, Fire Rescue. He self-published the Vehicle Rescue 1-2-3 training manual and serves as the Forum Moderator for the extrica- tion section of the website. How to handle tire-pressure monitoring systems and run-flat tires 30 l Firehouse l January 2017

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